Kitchens by Design remodel
Kitchens by Design remodel Blue cabinets

Our Kitchen Remodel Process

  • To start the kitchen or bath remodel process, our first meeting is with a designer. We’ll discuss your ideas, your wants and needs for your new kitchen design. It’s an exciting beginning!
  • Next, our designer will present a few design options, either hand drawn or with CAD software to you in our showroom. We’ll go over changes and work on a final design.
  • Then, our general contractor and other professionals will come to your home to estimate costs for electrical, plumbing, drywall and flooring options.
  • After we receive all of the estimates, we’ll present to you the pricing of all materials and labor for your project.
  • Once your project moves forward, a complete schedule will be produced as a guideline for everyone involved in your project.
  • Throughout the process, our designer will act as project manager, updating schedules and working with you throughout the process.

Keep in mind: A typical project can take 8-10 weeks from the time our crew arrives to substantial completion. Small detail items may take longer.


We are committed to making you feel comfortable with upgrading your home through Zoom meetings and limiting your exposure throughout the remodel.

Bretta is a great designer/project manager. She really listened to my vision and needs, and was very hands on. The KBD team took my old 1950’s bathroom and transformed it into a modern work of art. The skill trades people/demo team were awesome and communicated well with her and me if they had questions. Workmanship was impeccable. I believe that KBD offer a good value compared to other contractors that gave me estimates. I can’t wait for them to do my kitchen in 2-3 years!